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Paintless dent repair


A mobile service to repair small, large, or extreme dent damage to your vehicle without repainting.

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Mobile Service


My business is a mobile service to work on all types of vehicles from vintage and collector automobiles to brand new cars. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the easy solution to avoid repainting your car.

Over 25 years of PDR experience


This particular skill trade takes years of experience and it depends on what you work on.  I am a specialist in complex and large smash dents, I always aim to remove the damage like they it never existed.  Small to medium dents are no match and my pricing is based on the severity of the repair.  

International 1st Place Winner 2015 Dent Olympics


When it comes to Paintless Dent Repair, I've won a world competition and I can repair your damage like it was never there!

Specialist in extreme or complex repairs.

Hi everyone, my name is Sal and I am a PDR technician with over 26 years of experience. Over the years of mastering PDR, it gives me the ability to handle very difficult repairs which can save your vehicle from the traditional strip and repaint method. My portfolio consists of slow panning videos to show my transparent work because the "before and after" pictures can be deceiving. If you want a repair that you can't find, please contact SAL. 


Paintless Dent Repair in Bay Area


Extreme repair that an auto body shop wanted to replace.

Many times these extreme dents are not stretched and it's more displacement of metal. My skills and ability can help remove dents without damaging the car because it's a common problem in PDR if it's not repaired properly.

Unique repairs for preservation of value

A unique skill that I personally take pride in is the ability to finish my work without using wet sand. This complex and technical skill is uncommon in the PDR industry which allows me to work on older paint, super close to scratches and still preserve it during the repair. If you want to save your car from the attempted paint match, come find me! 

Check out my Youtube channel with many repairs.

Here's a few repairs that help you see the detail in the results. Remember photos can hide lots of flaws so always request a portfolio of PDR repairs in video with clarity to show you the true result.  

Maserati smash

Black colored vehicles are the most difficult repairs to work with in the PDR industry because any flaw is clearly visible to everyone. My skills and years of experience can make your damage disappear.  

Contact SAL at (650) FIX-DENT or 349-3368

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